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How to Win at Pokies Online & Poker Machines in Australia 2024

Benjamin Mitchell


November 21, 2023
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Navigating the world of online pokies and poker machines in Australia requires more than just luck. Lots of people tried to crack the code of winning on pokie machines. Some interesting strategies have emerged from this.

Some strategies are better than others of course. Our experts examined all of the strategies that have evolved and came to some interesting conclusions.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll go over every aspect of the game, from basic gameplay strategies to the complexities of bonuses and jackpots.

There are specific gameplay tactics that can help you win on poker machines. These pokies tricks don’t guarantee success, yet you can try them for casino games

These strategies have been tested by online casino experts from around the world. However, keep in mind that the luck factor in most casino games like pokie machines and poker machines must be high if you want to be profitable for the majority of the time.

Because most pokies games employ a random number generator, profitable game strategies are not always possible. However, the game strategies that we give you in this guide will minimize your chances of losing and increase your chances of winning greatly.

Tips and Strategies for Playing Pokies

To determine the best strategy for playing pokies, it is necessary to have a basic understanding of the game. This way, you can play pokies on only the best slot machines and poker machines. The first tip is to look for a slot machine with a high RTP or return to player percentage. Which we will discuss in greater detail later in this article.

Look for slots with high payouts, progressive jackpots, and large bet limits. These slots will increase your chances of winning large sums of money. That is ultimately what you desire. The rest of this guide will be full of tips, strategies, and things to look out for if you want to be profitable playing online casino games.

Understanding Pokies

To be profitable at slots, you must first learn the basics and understand the machines you play on. Slot machines rely on random number generators. This means that the reels always stop at random, with no system to discover. As a result, a slot machine functions similarly to a dice.

A slot machine’s payout percentage is also important. This percentage indicates how much of the money wagered is returned to the player as winnings. A high payout percentage indicates a higher likelihood of winning. Most pokies have a payout percentage of more than 90%.

Set a Budget

Setting a budget with which to play is essential for limiting your losses. Playing on a pokie machine can be exciting, and if you’re not careful, you could end up playing for hours on end. A budget ensures that you do not spend money that you do not want to lose.

As a result, set a budget before you begin playing and stick to it throughout your pokie games session. Determine your bets based on your budget and the length of time you want to play. We recommend spreading your bets as much as possible.

Bet the Maximum

This strategy was briefly mentioned earlier. To win big, you must place larger bets. You can go for the jackpots, but with larger bets, you can also make a lot of money with small wins.

If you place larger bets, your chances of winning do not change, but if you win, your profit will be greater in dollars. As a result, we recommend that you place larger bets per round to maximize your chance to win money. Furthermore, the biggest wins usually happen the first few spins. So you want to start with the most profit possible.

The More Complicated the Game, the Lower Your Odds

When playing online pokies, the complexity of the game can often hide the fact that your chances of winning are lower. In order to attract players, some games will have complex storylines, intricate bonus structures, and multiple pay lines. However, these factors can make it harder to hit a winning combination.

Choosing a simpler game is not a compromise. In fact, it can be an advantage. When a game has clear mechanics and simple gameplay, it is easier to understand and make informed decisions. By embracing simplicity, you can increase your chances of getting more predictable results.

Try playing for free first

The best tip for increasing your chances of winning is to first learn the game inside and out. And what better way to start than by playing free versions of the pokies you’re interested in? This way, you can learn everything there is to know about the game.

Which bonus symbols should you pay attention to? Which bonus features are available, and when will they be available again? Because you are not risking your own money while playing these free games, these are all things you can discover at your own pace while playing the free versions of these online slots.

Stick to Low Variance Games

To begin with, low-variance games provide more frequent but smaller wins. This consistency aids in the maintenance of a stable bankroll, lowering the risk of significant losses in a short period of time.

Furthermore, low-variance games offer a more predictable gaming experience. Your fund fluctuations are less extreme, allowing for a smoother and more enjoyable gameplay session. This stability is especially advantageous for those who prefer a measured and long-term approach to playing poker machines or slots.

Furthermore, low-variance games are ideal for players who prefer to play for longer periods of time. The extended gameplay, combined with regular, albeit smaller, wins, boosts the overall entertainment value while avoiding the volatility associated with higher variance games.

Test the Games You Play (For Free!)

As we mentioned briefly above, it is best to begin by playing the games you want to play for free. Test them as much as possible to ensure that you understand them completely. Risk demo money rather than real money to discover where the opportunities are.

Use free spins in a pokie game and demo versions of all games available on the provider’s website. If you are unfamiliar with the game, avoid betting real money. Free spins are the best way to play for free but also have the opportunity to win real money.

Chasing losses is a mistake

Losing can happen to anyone, and in online slots, losing is more common than winning. What matters is how you deal with these setbacks. It is not a good idea to bet more or even the maximum bet to make up for your losses in this manner. This almost always has the opposite effect.

If you find yourself losing a few games in a row, stop playing and try a different game. Larger bets after losses can result in even more losses, resulting in a significant downward spiral. So, to avoid larger losses, stop playing on time.

A Beginners Guide to Winning at Online Pokies

If you’re new to online poker games, it can be a daunting task to choose from the wide range of games available. To get started, it’s a good idea to play free games first to familiarize yourself with the different types of slots that are available. To help you choose the right slots, we’ve provided some basic principles below.

Return to Player (RTP) Rate

When playing at online casinos, you’ll notice the Return to Player (RTP) percentage, also known as the payout percentage, displayed on every game. This is an important factor that determines whether a game is worth playing or not.

In any slot game, whether online or in a physical casino, all bets placed add up to 100%. However, a portion of this amount is kept by the house, which is known as the house edge. The house edge is a percentage of the total bets placed on a casino game

The percentage of the house edge can vary depending on the type of game. It can be as low as 1% to 5% for online slot machines and up to 40% for certain slot machines in a physical casino or arcade. It is recommended to avoid playing games with a house edge of more than 5%. Most online slots have a payout percentage of at least 95%, so it’s better to avoid anything with a lower percentage.

Don’t Chase Your Losses

We mentioned it earlier in this article, but we do not recommend chasing your losses. Stick to your budget and don’t increase your bets just because you’ve lost a few games in a row. This can backfire and result in a larger loss.

It is preferable to start with smaller bets, get a sense of winning again, and then increase your bets. When compared to constantly placing high bets, this often works better and limits your losses significantly.

Stick to your pokie strategy

Do you have a winning pokie strategy? Then we recommend that you stick to it. Even if you lose several games in a row as a result of this strategy. Only by playing a strategy for an extended period can you determine whether it works. When it comes to gambling and strategies, consistency is everything.

A strategy also aids in the effective management of risks. Setting limits or selecting games with a certain variance, a strategy is a safeguard that keeps you from making impulsive decisions that can lead to losses.

Know when to walk away

Recognizing when to walk away separates seasoned players from beginners. Make sure to set your limits and stick to them. It is better to walk away with a smaller profit, than to keep playing pokies for a jackpot and eventually leave with a loss.

The key to this is to set limits. These limits keep you from betting more than you should. If you’re on a losing streak, you won’t get into trouble this way, and you can hope for a string of victories the next time.

It is theoretically possible for online casinos to manipulate a slot machine. After all, everything is pre-programmed. As a result, you must pay attention to a variety of factors. First and foremost, consider what the online casino is known for and what licenses it possesses. Check to see if they have an Australian gambling license. These organizations ensure that games are fair to players.

Consider the RTP percentage as well. This specifies how much of the bet is returned to the player as winnings. A good indicator of whether or not the slot can be profitable.

Play When You Are in a Good Mood

Positive emotions can influence your gaming experience. Approach the game with a clear head and a positive attitude. A positive attitude could be the key to a winning streak. A bad mood, on the other hand, will not help you achieve your goals.

When you’re not feeling well, you tend to make poorer decisions. As a result, if you miss a day because you are sick, you will save a lot of money. Furthermore, playing online casino games should be a pleasurable experience rather than a frustrating one.

Play at Safe Sites

Always play on websites that have adequate security measures in place. Because of the amount of money that circulates, online casinos can be a target for cybercriminals. Check to see if a site has an SSL certificate. This ensures the safety of your data on the site where you play and you won’t lose more money than necessary.

Check to see if the website has the necessary gambling licenses. Leading game providers are another sign that a website is secure. You see, not all pokie machines are reliable. Reliable game providers include companies like Play ‘N Go, NetEnt, and Evolution Gaming. These providers are unlikely to market their games on untrustworthy websites.

Set both a win and a loss limit

Setting limits in advance is a good way to limit losses as much as possible. These constraints ensure that you do not lose more than is necessary. We recommend that you spread your bets as much as possible to enjoy your favorite casino games for a longer period.

Another advantage of spreading bets is that research shows that the longer you play, the more likely you are to win. Certain combinations must occur sooner or later. Spreading your bets and starting with lower bets is thus a strategy you can employ.

Take Advantage of Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs are frequently offered in online casinos to keep players playing for a longer period. These loyalty programs are frequently brimming with bonuses, free spins, and other perks. The benefit of this is that you can try out new games for free and start playing right away. You also have the opportunity to win real money.

The disadvantage is that bonuses and free spins are frequently linked to wagering requirements. Because of these requirements, you may not always be able to get your winnings paid out quickly. Loyalty programs are thus especially useful for learning about new games.

Understand Pay Lines and Symbols

Knowing how a slot machine’s winning lines work means knowing how to win. Not all slot machines have win lines that run only from left to right. Slot machines are still evolving, and some machines now have 50 or more winning lines. Megaways slots occasionally go above and beyond.

You can devise a strategy if you are also familiar with the various symbols. For winning combinations, wild symbols replace any other symbol. Scatter symbols frequently trigger a bonus round or free spins. What are the best-paying symbols on the reels? Keep this in mind if at all possible.

Walk away during a losing streak

Are you unlucky enough to lose several rounds in a row? Then take a break; you might not be so lucky that day. It is more important to manage your playing balance than to win at all costs. Furthermore, losing can elicit additional emotion, and betting with emotion is never a good idea.

Keep an eye on your limits and only play within the boundaries you’ve established for yourself. Every player loses at some point, but it is how you recover from that loss that matters. Playing through a string of losses can cost you more than you would like.

Use Free Play Mode

Make use of the free spins offered in pokie games and try out the demo versions of all games available on the provider’s website. If you are not familiar with a particular game, it’s best to avoid betting real money. Free spins are a great way to enjoy playing for free while also having the chance to win real money.

Take your time to test these games extensively to ensure that you have a complete understanding of the game mechanics. Avoid risking real money and instead use demo money to identify the most profitable opportunities. Loyalty programs and welcome bonuses can also be a good way to play pokies to win money for real.

Best Pokies Bonuses in Australia

Casino bonuses come in all shapes and sizes in Australia. Welcome bonuses are frequently the best casino bonuses because they provide the most value to the player. Free spins are frequently given to promote specific (new) slots, allowing you to test them out without risking your own money.

Mobile bonuses are becoming increasingly popular. Australian casinos are increasingly embracing mobile gaming and providing enticing bonuses.

Best Pokies Machines to Win in Australia

Increase your chances by choosing the best slot. The most popular games are those with five reels, such as Mega Moolah and Thunderstruck II. You can, however, make a fortune playing less popular slots.

In general, you select gambling games from an online casino that provides a wide range of options. As a result, you can easily choose your favorite slots from the vast game catalogs. You can also improve your chances by playing most slots that offer extra bonuses when you spin for as little as €0.01 per payline.

Take Advantage of Free Spins

Free spins on a slot machine can be an excellent way to win real money without putting any of your own money at risk. These spins are frequently offered by online casino operators to introduce new slot machines to players. These spins can then only be used on the specific slot machine.

Some providers allow you to choose which machine to use the spins on. However, always pay attention to the wagering terms and don’t get too rich too fast.

Play Progressive Jackpots

Progressive jackpots are jackpots that grow in size over time. To fill the jackpot, it takes a percentage of each bet. The fact that jackpots in games like Mega Fortune and Mega Moolah can reach into the millions is why they are so popular.

It is therefore strongly advised to give these games a shot. Who knows, you might walk away with a few million dollars.

Types of Bonuses to Win at Pokies

There are numerous bonuses to be won when playing slots or your favorite poker machine. Welcome bonuses and free spins are the most common bonuses. Furthermore, many cashback bonuses are available, allowing you to recoup a portion of your losses.

A no-deposit bonus is also available on occasion. This is frequently provided in the form of play credit or free spins. The wagering requirements for this are frequently very strict.

Welcome Bonuses

When you visit a casino website, the first thing you will notice is a welcome bonus. These bonuses are frequently given in the form of playing credits, and they can be worth up to $1000. Casinos offer these bonuses to entice new customers.

The catch here is that these bonuses come with wagering requirements. The stricter the conditions, the higher the bonus. These conditions prevent you from cashing out winnings, and you may be required to wager up to 40 times the bet to cash out. Welcome bonuses are useful for trying out games and determining whether the casino is right for you.

Bonus Rounds

The bonus rounds on a slot machine are where the big money is won. These rounds come in all shapes and sizes, and game developers are becoming increasingly inventive with them. Scatter symbols are frequently used to initiate these rounds. For the big wins in the game, you must then get several symbols on the reels.

Bonus rounds can be incorporated into your strategy. Spread your bets until you reach the bonus round, then raise your bet to maximize your winnings.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best pokie machines to increase your chances of winning?

There is no definitive answer to this question. However, some pokie machines have higher payout percentages than others. It is recommended to choose pokie machines with a high RTP (Return to Player) percentage, which means that the machine pays out a higher percentage of the money that is put into it. You can find the RTP percentage of a pokie machine in the game rules or by doing a quick online search.

How can you increase your odds of winning on pokie machines?

There are no guaranteed ways to win on pokie machines, as they are games of chance. However, there are a few things you can do to increase your odds of winning. One of the best ways is to choose pokie machines with a high RTP percentage. Another way is to set a budget and stick to it, as this will help you avoid losing more money than you can afford. Lastly, it is recommended to take breaks and avoid chasing losses, as this can lead to reckless gambling behavior.

What is the RTP of pokie machines and how does it affect your chances of winning?

The RTP (Return to Player) percentage is the amount of money that is returned to players over time. For example, a pokie machine with an RTP of 96% will pay out $96 for every $100 that is put into it. The higher the RTP percentage, the better your chances of winning. However, it is important to note that the RTP percentage is calculated over a long period of time and does not guarantee that you will win on every spin.

Are there any techniques or strategies to improve your chances of winning on pokies?

There are no guaranteed techniques or strategies to win on pokie machines, as they are games of chance. However, some players believe in using betting systems or playing certain types of machines. It is important to remember that these techniques are not foolproof and may not work for everyone.

How can you tell if a pokie machine is likely to pay out?

There is no surefire way to tell if a pokie machine is likely to pay out. However, some players believe that machines that have not paid out in a while are more likely to hit a winning combination. It is important to remember that this is just a superstition and does not guarantee that the machine will pay out.

Is there any skill involved in winning on pokie machines?

Pokie machines are games of chance and do not require any skill to play. However, there are some strategies that can help you maximize your chances of winning, such as choosing machines with a high RTP percentage and setting a budget.